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Books & Cupcakes February Book Photo Challenge

Day 9: Paranormal (Romance)

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

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Favourite Book Covers [1/5]

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Quoth the Raven by ~ShyyBoyy

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So will you be choosing the winner of your giveaway today?

She replied today and chose The Sky Is Everywhere! Thank you everyone who participated, I’d like to do another giveaway in a couple months after my schedule with uni calms down and money is available again :D

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Picking a winner for the giveaway now! I didn’t announce the winners of the previous two giveaways because I’ve heard of winners getting harassed, but if they feel like sharing they won they will and are welcome to on their own blogs :)

For the end of school one, the winner picked The Importance of Being Earnest (good choice hehe)!

And because my laptop was one day ahead and I didn’t know, I accidentally accepted three winners for the birthday+blogger one instead of three because technically they still replied before the time I specified but it was off so since it was my fault (oops!), I still got them their book haha :”D So those three got Memoirs of a Geisha, 1984, and Opus Aria :)

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Life at a bookstore!

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Brunch reads.

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On the blog: Not so Solitary, Reading is Social

As much as we like to think that reading is deeply personal, perhaps it isn’t. Social media, e-readers, book clubs, and the likes ensure that reading is much more social than we sometimes realize.

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