I love organizing my books ❤️

I’m doing exactly this right now :)

No way!  Great minds think alike :) 

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'Tis done! Alphabetical from Anderson to Zusak ❤️

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I love organizing my books ❤️

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i brought like fifty books with me to college and i showed my roommate a pic of my old room and she was just like oh i donate all of mine and it was just awkward because she reads too but def not as much as me and doesnt understand my book buying obsession. your roomm ate sounds bratty though like whats it to her if you brought books to school??

I’m so selfish, I couldn’t donate my books unless I really hated the book I owned… That does sound awkward, dang.  Every time I tell people I have a book budget they give me this weird look, like what is it with people and buying books?  I do it so I don’t overspend, it’s not a weird or difficult idea haha you know, I have no idea.  She’s a sophomore this year so I guess she’s trying to give upperclassman advice, which is nice, but it comes off as kind of demeaning sometimes…Which is whatever because I don’t see her much and my friend I went to quidditch and B&N with is going to request to room with me next semester so hopefully I’m not with the current one next semester :’D

It really shouldn’t have bothered her because I was putting all my books in one of the drawers where I used to put my t-shirts in (and I just hung those in my closet)… bleh she wants to move the furniture so we have “nooks” because she’s used to being a single child and not sharing a room and she didn’t have a roommate last semester because all the RA’s except this and two other buildings don’t have roommates (I only know this because she told me, how awkward).  Which is also fine with me because it’s not like we talk much anyway with our schedules and social lives. 

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I found plenty of time to read in college. I was an early riser so most days I’d have all my classes completed by 12/1:00. Non-readers just don’t get it.

I’m thinking once I get consistent work from my classes where it’s easier to plan out due dates and make a good study schedule, reading will be something I can do in the mornings and evenings before I go to bed (plus whenever I get to class early/ride the bus) because my roommate barely talks to me anyway so not much distraction… She said she used to read books all the time in high school, but her freshman year she couldn’t, but I know it’s just a matter of productive planning!  Thank you for replying, that makes me feel a lot better about making some time to read (especially since I’m able to hear my alarm and wake up to it now that it’s less than a foot away from my head haha).

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OH YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU. I have always felt so freaking fortunate to win that giveaway. It got us talking! You’re awesome and seeing all your posts lately about school makes me so happy for you because I think things are going well for you. I love that you love Anastasia. She is so under appreciated. I guess I’ll just finish by stating that you’re a wonderful human.

Shelby is a fantastic person you guys :’)

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My roommate looked at my abundance of books I brought from home because I missed them and she says “You know in college you won’t have time to read those, right?” 

Of course I know I won’t have time to read much, some people just don’t understand how comforting it is to have your books with you in person and to know if you feel like reading the book you can read it whenever you want.

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a couple shots of us from david branson’s #juneportraitseries 

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I’m not used to how big the bugs get here so when I went to the quidditch game with my friend we wondered what the snitch would be and at that moment a giant golden dragonfly buzzed around us and I thought “wow I was thinking it’d be a little less realistic” and then I realized this was an enormous bug so I told my boyfriend about my confusion with the “snitch bugs” and he just about died and so now that’s what we call these giant ass yellow bugs flying around

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Casually selecting a book to bring with me to classes today since I plan on arriving early to each one

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Oh my goshhhh ❤️ thank you!!

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$ = You’re awesome

You are so great, thank you <3 

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#, ! (and OMG I love your icon so much, Anastasia is one of my all time favorite movies)

# = I love your blog
! = You inspire me

Why thank you <3 and oh my goshhh, that’s the most touching thing I’ve ever read for this blog!!  Can I hug you? xx  

(And yesss, Anastasia is one of my favorite movies too!  I feel like she and I have a lot in common for some reason haha)

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“Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.”
― Mary Shelley, Frankenstein   (cover, Maciej Ratajski)

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