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Books in the kitchen? Count me in.

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Rebecca, The Clothes Horse, reading The Brownings: Letters and Poetry. Picture by Jon.

Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning, who was six years her junior, exchanged 574 letters over twenty months, Their romance was bitterly opposed by her father, who did not want any of his children to marry. In 1846, the couple eloped and settled in Florence, where Elizabeth’s health improved and she bore a son, Robert Wideman Browning.

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Once upon a time, a little girl was raised by monsters.
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ok but heres a real picture bc im in love w how my hair turned out tonight I WISH I COULD SHOW Y’ALL MY BOOBS CAUSE HOO BOY THEY LOOK EVEN BETTER 

side note: im pissed off that i can never wear my glasses in pictures because of the GLARE i feel like im LYING TO YOU ALL  

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Washington DC’s Barnes & Noble

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Book Photo Challenge - Day 1 - Favourite Title

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24-Hour Eslite Bookstore

One of the largest bookstore chains in Taiwan, Eslite was founded in 1989 by Robert Wu and it became the first company to set up a 24-hour bookstore in Taiwan, attracting many night-time readers. When Eslite first opened, it placed emphasis on books in the arts and humanities. Nowadays the company has expanded its range of titles and has opened multiple stores in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The decision to operate a bookshop devoted to Humanities and the Arts was neither an act of impulse nor a brave sense of mission. Rather, it was a commitment that sprang from a heartfelt, personal life experience. After years of being engaged in fiercely competitive business activity, a positive, optimistic, eager and innocent state of mind had become one of cautious and somewhat anxious cynicism. I realized on continued reflection, that I had developed a sense of spiritual lacking and imbalance. Thus, a search to identify a fuller and more complete life began. - Robert Wu

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Amazing Books, Pittsburgh, PA. 

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British Library

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"I knew I had fallen in love with Lolita forever; but I also knew she would not be forever Lolita."

—from Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

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Mischief Managed.

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New Year holidays reading by remizova on Flickr.

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